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Our Team

Since the company was founded in 1820, the craftsmanship of organ building in Potsdam has developed to a level that today enjoys the highest international recognition in terms of technology, sound and design.

Our employees ensure this with their expertise, enthusiasm and artistic drive: highly qualified organ builders, carpenters, metal pipemakers, precision mechanics and electricians, including master craftsmen, graduate physicists and engineers.

Together we work on the challenges of this time and bring together tradition and innovation.

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A whole team for the queen of instruments

Our leadership team

Schuke, Michael

Michael Schuke

Managing Director

Michael Schuke is Master of Organ Building and Managing Director.

Schuke, Johannes

Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Schuke

Managing Director

Johannes Schuke is Industrial Engineer and Managing Director.

Schaper, Vincent

Vincent Schaper

Project Manager / Customer Support

Vincent Schaper is Organ Builder and economist.

Zscherpel, Detlef

Dr. Detlef Zscherpel

Research / Customer Support

Detlef Zscherpel holds a PhD in physics.

Schuke, Matthias

Matthias Schuke

Master of Organ Building

Matthias Schuke is Master of Organ Building in retirement and consults on individual projects.

Schreiber, Klaus-Michael

Klaus-Michael Schreiber

Organ restorer

Klaus-Michael Schreiber is organ builder and organ restorer.

Scheffler, Hans

Hans Scheffler

Head of metal pipe workshop

Hans Scheffler is organ builder and head of the metal pipe workshop.

Baaske, Diethelm

Diethelm Baaske

Head of wooden workshop

Diethelm Baaske is organ builder and head of the wooden workshop.

Our voicers


Hartmut Beyer

Organ builder and voicer

Hartmut Beyer is organ builder and voicer.

Pietrusky, Rolf

Rolf Pietrusky

Organ builder and voicer

Rolf Pietrusky is organ builder and voicer.

Rönnecke, Hartmut

Hartmut Rönnecke

Organ builder and voicer

Hartmut Rönnecke is organ builder and voicer.

Our workshop staff

Stendel, Martin

Martin Stendel

organ builder

Martin Stendel is Organ builder.

Baaske, Jonas

Jonas Baaske

organ builder

Jonas Baaske is organ builder.

Kaollick, Lukas

Lukas Koallick

organ builder

Lukas Koallick is organ builder.

John, Georg

Georg John

organ builder

Georg John is organ builder.

Luca Sing_Snapseed

Luca Sing

organ builder

Luca Sing is organ builder.

Kempf, Malte

Malte Kempf


Malte Kempf is a master carpenter.

Weber, Martha

Martha Weber

Master carpenter

Martha Weber is a master carpenter.

Ristow, Vincent

Vincent Ristow


Vincent Ristow is carpenter.

Wilutzky, Kolja

Kolja Wilutzky

Project planning and CAD construction

Kolja Wilutzky is project planner.

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Jan Möller

Volunteer in the preservation of historical monuments

Jan Möller is a volunteer in the preservation of historical monuments at the Jugendbauhütte Brandenburg.

Our trainees

Piero, Maxime

Maxime Piero


Maxime Piero is a trainee.

Erler, Erik

Erik Erler


Erik Erler is a trainee.

bild-folgt-männl. breit _FINAL

Adrian Nietschmann


Adrian Nietschmann is a trainee.

bild-folgt-männl. breit _FINAL

Janek Gierloff


Janek Gierloff is a trainee.