About us

The organ building company Schuke sets the highest international standards in terms of sound, technology and design in organ building. Our traditional roots lie in organ building of the 17th and 18th century. Our models are the North German baroque masters Arp Schnitger, Hans Scherer & Sohn and Friedrich Stellwagen as well as the Central German organ builders Joachim Wagner, Carl August Buchholz and Friedrich Ladegast.

We build, restore, reconstruct and maintain organs of every size, in cathedrals, churches and parishes as well as in concert halls, philharmonic halls, conservatories and music colleges. Our work incorporates classical methods as well as the latest findings from sound analyses and research projects.

Company and family history

A company history with over 200 years of high-quality craftsmanship

Since 1820, our workshop has shaped organ building with passion and entrepreneurial courage for success. Our traditional company has been family-owned since 1894 and continues to impress today with its quality work, which is perfected through attention to detail.

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A family business with highly qualified employees

Michael and Johannes Schuke employ 19 highly qualified employees, including organ builders, carpenters, engineers and physicists. Every field of organ building in our company is staffed by experienced employees with outstanding expertise.


The heart of an organ building company is the workshop

Our new workshop, specially designed for organ building, was inaugurated in 2004. From the casting of the tin plates over the construction of metal and tongue pipes up to the production of the action and windchests as well as the assembly in the assembly hall we unite the complete range of organ building in our workshop.

Research and Development

Continuing the history of organ building through science and innovation

Centuries-old tradition combined with the current state of science: Our actions stand in a field of tension between continuity and change, old and new, consistency and progress.



Sound expertise through experience and further training

Training, exchange of experience and advanced training convey new knowledge to the employees of our workshop and expand the wealth of experience for every individual.


Commitment to German Organ Building as a Cultural Heritage

For conducting research and development in organ building as well as the commitment of all generations of the Schuke family and the entire staff, the company received a large number of awards.