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The organ building trade unites a multitude of different crafts, which in a gentle combination create the instrument organ. The great variety of materials and production methods used makes the complexity of this extraordinary craft visible.

For a well-founded expertise in organ building it is of great importance to deepen the different construction methods and restoration methods with the more experienced colleagues after the training period and to gather experience with courage and curiosity with different instruments and projects.

In addition to this generation-spanning internal exchange of knowledge, we also rely on external training and workshops for the further training of our organ builders, which impart new knowledge and expand the wealth of experience of each employee.

In close cooperation with the Bund Deutscher Orgelbaumeister e.V., the Gesellschaft der Orgelfreunde e.V. and other associations, we work together to pass on the knowledge of the craft as an intangible cultural heritage to the next generations.

Expertise through further training

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