Conversion and extension


Conversion and extension

The construction of an organ is always an exciting time for a community and it often takes several years from the initial idea to the implementation of the organ building project. This maturing process is necessary because an organ is designed as a long-term project in terms of its purpose and service life.

After decades of intensive use, the requirements and usage concepts of the instrument can change so that an organ can also be adapted to the new wishes.

Our organ building workshop is specialized in developing individual concepts together with our customers. A technical upgrading, the improvement of the playability and the sound extension of the organ are possible components of our conception. The basic substance of the organ can be preserved.

New technical components offer functions such as proportional control, single tone play, key and register cuff, touch screen control, smartphone connection and much more.

By programming Crescendi at different key depths, adding a MIDI sound generator, playing with touch dynamics and using loops or sequences as a basis for improvisation, new accents can be set.

We work closely with the leading manufacturers in this industry for modern controls and setting systems. We develop the conception of these systems in-house and can thus ensure the desired functionality and long-term support.

Extended organs fascinate with new timbres