Organ restoration


organ restoration

Since the 1950s, our organ building workshop has been engaged in the restoration of organs in the spirit of the then still young concept of restoration practice.

During the restoration of an organ, the existing substance is carefully restored to its original condition.

In contrast to the generous reconstruction of an instrument, the proportion of historical material in restoration projects is much greater. In some cases, the basic substance of the instruments is almost completely preserved.

Missing parts are reconstructed in the choice of materials and the construction methods of the old masters. The latter are thoroughly researched in advance and implemented in our restoration workshop. Our main focus is on preserving the maximum amount of historical substance for posterity.

In order to be able to realize a restoration competently, our company employs organ builders with the training of a specialized restorer in the organ building handicraft with a national certificate.

With a detailed and professional restoration important elements of the organ are preserved and the instrument shines again in new splendour, without losing the spirit of the original work.

Our restoration experts have special experience with organs by Joachim Wagner, Friedrich Ladegast, Friedrich Hermann Lutkemüller, Carl August Buchholz, Franciscus Volckland, Hans Scherer, Georg Christoph Stertzing, Eilert Köhler, Gottlieb Scholtze, Ernst Julius Marx.

Many years of expertise in the restoration of historic organs

The organ builders of our restoration department have restored historic organs of the following old masters:

…and some more.