Music School

New organ, Alexander Schuke Orgelbau GmbH, 2012

A practice organ demands different characteristics from an instrument than a concert or sacred instrument.

In the first place, the practice organ has a chamber-musical character, which is necessary for concertante playing as well as for the accompanying function. The learner should musically experience aural training by means of different registers and be able to use the mechanics as a creative element.

The room in the Suwalki State Music School (Poland) has little reverberation. Therefore, an extremely precise intonation of the registers is necessary, since every little noise is perceived as disturbing.

Due to heavy use, it is important for educational instruments to have an extremely solid and robust construction, which remains trouble-free even when the heating is on.

The practice organ for Suwalki has II manuals and pedal, mechanical tone and stop action with an alternating loop and 9 stops and was built in 2012 as opus 628.

organ pipes
Project Progress
finished in 2012 100%
stop list
I. Manual
  1. Flauto 8′
  2. Bordun 8′
  3. Principal 4′
  4. Flauto traverso 2′
II. Manual
  1. Bordun 8′ (Wechselschleife)
  2. Salicional 8′
  3. Rohrflöte 4′
  4. Nassat 2 2/3′
  1. Subbass 16′
  2. Bassflöte 8′